A new type of Prom Photography


And the possibly the best price ever!



We've done some research.  80% of pupils tell us that they are not bothered about on-site printing of prom photographs. Nearly 70% don't even want prints. 


What most pupils want is lots of images that they can share with their freinds - so that's what we're offering you for your Prom or Ball.


No prints, but secure online access to every photo taken on the evening in high resolution. Have as many photo as you  want taken on the night, then download and share as many as you like. If you want an actual print for parents or other relatives, then just pop down to Boots and get it printed yourself for 80p rather than £10. If you want repost them or run them through a app, fine - there will be no watermarking on the images. They are yours!


So how much does it cost?


Well, onsite printing with no editing often costs around £10 per print.

Offsite printing (with editing) and delivered to the school on results day often costs around £8 per print.


We charge £250 for the first 150 guests, then only £1 for extra guests.


So, for example, if you had 175 guests, we would charge £250 plus £25 (making the price only £1.57 each!) In fact, as long as you have more than 100 guests, you will never pay more than £2.50 for unlimited downloads.


Simply build the fee into the price of  the prom ticket, then all your guests can have as many photos taken as they wish . All photographs are taken in raw and are individually edited and uploaded to a secure site where only your pupils can access them. Thet can then download  their images at high resolution so they can produce A3 sized printed if they wish.


Oh, and as there are always at least two of us, we really can be in two places at once to catch all the action.