Take it off Program - an introductory photography course.


A course for those who wish to learn a bit more about photography than simply pointing and hoping for the best!
Six individual, online lessons, via skype or google hangouts based upon my introductory photography course at school.
Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and can be scheduled as convenient.

Lesson 1 - Working with apertures.


Understanding apertures is vital to controlling how you image is going to look. Remember, a wide aperture means limited depth of field and a higher shutter speed. 



Lesson 2 - Controlling shutter speeds.


Sometimes you need to concentrate on the shutter speed rather than the aperture. If you want to freeze movement you need a fast shutter speed, but to show the movement in flowing water you will need a shutter speed of several seconds



Lesson 3  - Using Composition to great effect. 


Composition is about assembling the various parts of the scene in the most pleasing manner. Turning snapshots into  photographs.



Weeks 4 - Light.


Different types of light; natural and artificial, from day to night.



Lesson 5 - Exposure and Metering. 


Gaining greater control over the camera by better undestanding of exposure and how to meter for different scenes.



Lesson 6 - Accessories .


The essential kit to accompany your camera. Flashguns, Tripods and fitlters, amongst other things


Six half hour lessons online, with access to all the material on this site for only £55.






















Learn to take photographs like these.
All images Copyright Ian Moss

How it works


If you're interested in this course, you will need a camera that you can override the  automatic settings. Just about all DSLR, CSC, and bridge cameras will be fine, as well many compact cameras. If you can change the lens, or attach an external flash, then even better.


So, please email me and we'll set up a time to chat via skype or google hangouts. This initial session is absolutley free and is just to discuss what equipment you have, and what you want to get out of the six half hour sessions if there is anything particular that you need to know.


Then we'll arrange the times of the six lessons and when that's worked out you can pay the £55 fee (which includes full access to all the resources and projects on this site and feedback on your own work) via paypal or bank transfer.


This isn't like reading a textbook, or even watching videos on Youtube. As you get your own tutor (me) you can ask questions, go over things a little differently, or tailor the course to your own requirements.


As that's only £7.50 per lesson plus the site access fee, I don't think this price will be available for very long, so please get in touch if this is something that interests you.







I've been teaching photography to A level students for over 20 years. In my current school, the photography club has become one of the most successful in the UK in terms of competition prizes.

Learn how to use simple equipment to create photographs like this one. It's easy.








Or to modify the techniques taught to create something slighly different like this!